Dr. Rajiv Patel, DDS

Fran O'Neill, RN

Dr. Lyle Wadsworth, MD

Dr. Karla McNish, MD

Dr. Nelly Haddad, DMD

Sandy Bauman, RN

Dr. William Green, DMD

Welcome to the Good Samaritan Clinic!

We exist to provide free medical and dental healthcare to the uninsured of West Volusia County. Within these pages we tell you who we are, who we treat as patients, how, when and where we hold clinic, and how you can be treated.

Since "nobody pays and nobody gets paid", we exist solely through donations and grants.

If you missed our Gala, this is the video shown. Please consider what you might do to help Good Samaritan!

Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Beginning October 1st of 2013, government-sponsored exchanges began signing up individuals and households for health care plans ranging from Bronze, through Silver and Gold, up to Platinum. The deductible and the premium for even the least expensive of these, the bronze plan, are beyond the ability of most of our patients to pay. Proponents of the ACA (popularly known as Obamacare) admit that many of the unemployed uninsured will not benefit from this program, and leave it to Medicaid to resolve their health issues. But the legislature has chosen not to expand Medicaid in Florida, resulting in no assistance beyond food stamps for most of the low-income uninsured. The result is that the impact of Obamacare and Medicaid upon the Good Samaritan Clinic is negligible, and the Good Samaritan Clinic continues to be needed to divert low-income patients away from hospital emergency rooms and to us as their primary health care provider.

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